ARTICT | Art Through the ICT Lens: Big Data Processing Tools to Support the Technical Study, Preservation and Conservation of Old Master Paintings​

EPSRC-funded research partnership between University College London, Imperial College London and the National Gallery

The heritage science sector is experiencing a digital revolution linked to the emergence and increasing adoption of cutting-edge non-invasive analytical imaging techniques generating large volumes of multidimensional data from cultural heritage objects. These include macro X-Ray fluorescence (MA-XRF) scanning and hyperspectral imaging (HSI). Combining MA-XRF and HSI data - providing elemental and molecular information - offers huge potential for improved identification, characterization, and visualisation of the materials and features of interest in a painting, including in sub-surface layers of the painting. However, it is increasingly recognised that the wealth of data associated with these modalities cannot be fully exploited through traditional primarily manual approaches to interrogating heritage science data.

The aim of this research - bringing together ICT and Heritage Science researchers to enable the cross-pollination of ideas and expertise - is to co-create new automatic signal analysis and processing tools that are able to fuse MA-XRF and HSI data to support the technical study, conservation and preservation artwork.

For more information about the project see the UKRI and EPSRC webpages about the project.